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Applications and Services

We offer software solutions, consulting services and of course roll-out support from a single source.

With our innovative software solutions, you not only optimize your customer journey, but also ensure increased customer satisfaction. Together with you, we look at your processes and select the best software for you. The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority.

Distinguished by many years of experience in various industries, we want to support you in the best possible way and make your work easier and more fun.

We adapt our solutions individually to your needs - tailor-made software for you. And all this without long development and project times.

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Retail Consulting

Our hardware and software experts have the answers to your challenges.
We provide you with independent, targeted and competent advice.

ANKER POS Applications

ANKER Store app

ANKER Store App

  • We integrate our ANKER store app into your system landscape and connect it to any backend. Ideal for chain stores.
    We customize the app to your needs. It runs on any device, whether smartphone, tablet, checkout or self-checkout.

    Thanks to our headless architecture, additional services can be integrated quickly.

    Benefit from numerous advantages:
  • Flexibility- Thanks to headless architecture, the frontend can be customized faster
  • -Quick expansion - Easy expansion of additional services - without long development times
  • Connection- Fast and easy connection of third-party systems e.g. CRM, PIM, ERP, online stores
  • Fast time to market - short development times and rapid implementation
  • Performance - Lean and performant frontend
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  • Mobile/ Stationary/SCO
  • Fiscalized
  • Delivery order and returns in one transaction
  • All payment methods (PIN on Glass, when ready)
  • Click & Collect
  • Click & Return
  • Shipping from/to store
  • Order history
  • A view of the customer
  • Order history on/offline
  • Customer Insights
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Messaging
Endless Aisle
  • Real-time inventory visibility across all sites
  • Intelligent product search
  • Simple entry point for transactions
  • Goods receipt - goods issue 
  • Inventory turnover
  • Stock count
  • Inventory corrections
Guided Selling
  • Up-Sell
  • Cross-sell
  • Catalog/Inspiration
  • Personal Shopping
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  • The perfect POS system for small to medium-sized retailers.
    Take advantage of the extensive functions combined with high-quality hardware - Made in Germany. Our cloud-based POS software is now in operation at over 2,000 checkouts and impresses with its high level of user-friendliness and, of course, extensive functions such as smart merchandise management, with which you can record items or goods receipts quickly and easily.

    Benefit from LocaFox POS and its advantages:
  • We are industry-independent - LocaFox serves individual companies to small medium-sized businesses from the retail environment
  • Fiscalization - LocaFox POS is GoBD compliant and has a certified TSE - whether hardware or cloud.
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Automatic updates thanks to cloud software
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Anker Custom Applications

We adapt our software to your individual requirements.
Thanks to our headless architecture, you are more flexible than ever before. Scale quickly and easily, without long development times. A tailor-made application, just as you need it!
  • Web backend and cloud development - Java, Java Script, Angular, React, C#, .Net
  • Microservice Architecture - API, REST, JSON
  • Mobile App Development - iOS, Android, Windows/Linux with Flutter 
  • Individualization of standard products 
  • Integration into existing system landscapes (ERP, CMS; CRM etc.)
  • Connection to external systems, service providers and hardware
  • Development on modern technologies
  • Localization, fiscalization and documentation
  • Project implementation in an international environment

System Integration Partner

We work closely with our integration partners to develop our Anker software solutions. Mostly we use their back-end technologies for our solutions.

Alternatively, we adapt the software of our integration partners to your individual requirements. Within the framework of the POS project, we decide together what is the best solution for you.

More than 20 years of experience in retail and over 10,000 installed POS (worldwide) distinguish us. 

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ANKER Retail Services & Support

We advise you independently. Whether you need support for a single IT project, a complex site rollout or a portfolio of business tasks. Our experts provide answers and offer the service you need.

All-Level 24/7 Support

1st level | Superficial checks and taking necessary measures

‍2ndlevel | Deeper checks and taking necessary measures

‍3rdlevel | Checks and measures down to the smallest detail 

Roll-Out & Operations Management

Rollout Monitoring | Monitor rollout progress and intervene in the event of delays or deviations.

Control Center | Independent processing of fault messages based on SOPs.

Smart Repair and Predictive Maintenance |
Reduce minor damage with low maintenance costs.

Operations Management |
Technical Management & IT Operations Controlling.

Staging |
Hardware & Software Preconfiguration; you start directly alá plug-and-play.

Join satisfied customers worldwide.

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