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All level 24/7 support

1st level

Our first-level support is the first point of contact for technical queries and problem solutions. Our main task is to quickly identify and solve simple problems or pass on more complex cases to higher levels of support. Through effective communication and basic technical knowledge, our first level support ensures that user requests are handled efficiently and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

2nd level

Our second-level support takes on more complex technical challenges that go beyond the capacities of first-level support. With advanced technical skills and specialized knowledge, second-level support analyzes problems in detail and develops sustainable solutions. We work closely with first-level support to ensure efficient problem solving, using in-depth system knowledge and analytical skills to process and resolve more challenging requests.

3rd level

Our third-level support represents the highest level of technical support and deals with the most demanding and specialized requests. Our experts with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in specific technology areas take on the most complex problems that require both extensive research and customized solutions. We are often directly involved in the development of the products or services and bring our specialized knowledge to develop long-term solutions that contribute to the continuous improvement of the technology.

Roll-out & Operations Management

Roll-out monitoring

We call roll-out monitoring the process of monitoring and analyzing our product or software roll-outs in real time. In this critical step, we ensure that the roll-out runs smoothly, identify potential problems at an early stage and can take immediate corrective action. By continuously monitoring performance indicators and user feedback, our roll-out team can ensure that the new solution meets expectations and user satisfaction remains high. Roll-out monitoring is essential to maximize the success of the roll-out and support a seamless transition for all stakeholders.

Control station

A control center is a central monitoring and control unit that is used in various industries such as manufacturing, transport or IT. It is used to monitor, analyze and control processes and workflows in real time. Equipped with modern information technologies and visualization tools, the control station enables those responsible to obtain a comprehensive overview of the current operating status and to intervene quickly if necessary. The aim is to increase efficiency, minimize disruptions and continuously improve the quality of processes.

Smart Repair & Predictive Maintenance

With smart repair and predictive maintenance, we combine advanced technologies with maintenance strategies to minimize downtime and extend the service life of machines and systems. By using real-time data, machine learning and IoT sensors, we enable companies to act proactively by identifying potential problems before they lead to serious malfunctions. Smart repair refers to targeted, rapid repair measures made possible by precise diagnostics. Predictive maintenance, on the other hand, uses data-based analysis to plan maintenance work exactly when it is needed, rather than according to a fixed schedule. These approaches increase efficiency, reduce unnecessary costs and improve equipment reliability.

Operations Management

Operations Management is the backbone of efficient corporate management, in which we deal with the planning, organization and monitoring of the production of goods and the provision of services. The aim is to maximize operational efficiency by optimizing the use of resources, improving product quality and increasing customer satisfaction. By applying the principles of lean management, process optimization and continuous improvement, Operations Management ensures that processes run smoothly and cost-effectively, while at the same time ensuring flexibility and adaptability to market requirements.


ANKER offers comprehensive staging services as well as hardware and software pre-configurations to ensure that your IT systems run smoothly and efficiently. Through careful preparation and testing in a controlled environment, our aim is to perfectly match your technology to the requirements of your operations. Before your systems go live, we customize hardware components, install and configure software and conduct intensive testing to ensure compatibility and performance. These processes minimize risk and promote seamless integration into your production environment so you can achieve optimal performance and user experience right from the start.

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