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How omnichannel retailers will remain competitive in the future

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How omnichannel retailers will remain competitive in the future

The world of retail is changing at a rapid pace and companies need to be flexible and responsive to meet changing market and customer demands. Modern and up-to-date technologies play a major role in this context. In order to remain competitive as an omnichannel retailer in the future, the Peek & Cloppenburg* Group Düsseldorf/Vienna relies on technologies from the ANKER Group in the Hungarian market.

Voices from the project management of the Peek & Cloppenburg Group* Düsseldorf/Vienna:

On the basis of several workshops, we decided to work with ANKER to develop a new POS system for our Hungarian market, which is served by our Austrian sister company. We were looking for a partner who could quickly understand our world and map it on the system side.
The collaboration with ANKER is proving its worth. In a large, agile project, both sides work together highly productively and create a joint pilot in a very short time, which, if tested successfully, can be strategically important for the entire group of companies. The headless front end developed by ANKER was the perfect combination of an externally developed front end and our internal back office system. The short development times in-house at ANKER and the fast time-to-market were convincing.

*There are two independent companies in Germany, Peek & Cloppenburg, with their headquarters in Düsseldorf and Hamburg.

The Peek & Cloppenburg company referred to here is part of the Peek & Cloppenburg KG group of companies with its registered office at

in Düsseldorf, whose store locations can be found at peek-cloppenburg.de/standorte.

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