What makes stationary retail attractive?

The customer is spoiled for choice. Shopping in the stationary trade or in the online trade?

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Buy from a brick-and-mortar store or online?

Nowadays, the customer is spoiled for choice. Even though online trade is growing many times faster than stationary trade, stationary trade still has many advantages that are gladly taken advantage of. It has not yet come to the point where online retail is displacing brick-and-mortar retail. In the course of digitization, however, stationary trade also has to undergo a transformation that is still ahead of it. It's not for nothing that the saying "trade is change" goes.


This is why shopping in stationary retail is popular

What makes offline shopping so popular was investigated in a Germany-wide representative study conducted by the performance agency Peak Ace on behalf of the fashion and lifestyle magazine Lifestyleslab.

At the same time, 27 percent of those surveyed said that they go shopping in bricks-and-mortar stores to be able to touch and try out products. This is still a major strength of local retail. With some products, it's simply necessary to take a closer look at them or even try them on, test them or try them out. Even the most detailed product descriptions are of no use here.

Local retailers also score well when it comes to personal advice. After all, 15 percent of respondents said they would prefer brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping for personal advice. When shopping online, on the other hand, customers are left to their own devices. There is simply no substitute for person-to-person advice from a sympathetic employee. If the advice is so good that the customer goes home impressed, he will also tell other people about this positive experience.

16 percent, according to the 2019 MoodMedia study, name a positive and nice atmosphere in the store as a reason they store at local retailers.

This gives retailers strong arguments in their favor, which they should definitely use to their advantage.


Further reasons for shopping in stationary trade

Immediate availability: When purchasing in stationary trade, the products can usually be taken away immediately. There are no delivery times to consider. This is particularly important if you need something immediately, e.g. for last-minute gifts, because something has broken or because you want to have the product in your hands as quickly as possible.

Less electronic monitoring: When shopping online, a lot of data is collected, e.g. products viewed or purchases made, return rates, etc. This can lead to personalized advertising being displayed. As a result, personalized advertising may be displayed. This is not the case when shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. Those who pay with cash need not worry that their purchases will be tracked.

No shipping costs: A large proportion of online stores charge shipping costs for purchases. These costs can be saved by shopping in brick-and-mortar stores.

With our innovative solutions, we support stationary trade

Brief overview of the hardware range:

-Cash cassettes & cash drawers - The interior part can be used flexibly with its variable division. Many options such as electronic or manual closing, lockable or with push function make the cash cassettes and cash drawers practical helpers in retail.

-Self-checkout - payment made easy - through plug & play solutions and a high level of maintainability. Our intuitive self-checkout solutions ensure an optimal customer journey and convenient shopping experiences.

-Cash Recycler - The ANKER Cash Recycler is a banknote and coin processing terminal that ensures secure and closed cash processing. In combination with our self-checkout solutions, customers can also easily pay with cash.

-Poles - The modular Poles concept allows an individual composition of the required elements. The high-quality materials guarantee a long service life.

-Retro cash register RK10 - The noble retro housing becomes a real eye-catcher. Through different colored design panels, the cash register can be wonderfully individualized. The Plug & Play solution is 100% Made in Germany.

-Cash scales - When things need to go faster. The little helper counts cash 6 times faster than by hand.

-Drop boxes - Secure storage of cash directly at the checkout.

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functions of our POS solution:

- Store merchandise management - management of stocks, orders, goods receipts and inventories.

- Item management - descriptions, prices, pictures and much more info.

- Inventory management - pinpoint ordering based on sales.

- Inventory - Quick & easy execution of inventories.

- Supplier management - A link to order portals is possible.

- Time recording - recording directly from the cash register, evaluations in the back office

- Orders - store- customer orders

- Omnichannel - click & collect, click & return, ship from to store, order history

- CRM - A view of the customer

- Endless Aisle - Real-time inventory visibility across all sites

- Guided Selling - Upsell, Crosssell, Personal Shopping

- Reports & Statistics

- Additional modules for gastronomy, franchise business or event planning & ticketing

All information at a glance: https://www.anker.net/applications-services

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