ANKER Cash Recycler

The ANKER Cash Recycler is a banknote and coin processing terminal that ensures secure and closed cash processing. With its precise payment processing and change handling function, it fulfills the performance requirements of a modern and intelligent payment system.

Cash Recycler


  • Accepted currencies: GBP | THB | USD | EUR | BRL |RUB | CZK | TRY | RON | DKK | HUF | MXN
  • Supported languages: English, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian
  • capacity of the coin recycler: 1,400 (€1) or 1,050 (£1) or 1,500 (quarters) - coins or 50 (€2) + 700 (€1) + 300 (50c) - mixed coins
  • Banknote recycler capacity: up to 80 mixed denominations
  • Coin unit copes with up to 11 different denominations
  • Collection cassette capacity: 500 banknotes

Application area

  • Retail trade, service companies, gastronomy, at the cash desk, in the counter area
  • Can be used and deployed in combination with a self-checkout as a fully comprehensive self-service system


Width x depth x height in mm: 335 x 524 x 698 mm


  • Coin insertion
  • 7" touchscreen
  • Banknote deposit and issue
  • Coin issue
  • Security cylinder lock
Cash Recycler
SCO Gen 2 Black

Cash Recycler with SCO

Say "Goodbye checkout lines!" with ANKER self-checkout solutions. Our intuitive self-checkout solutions ensure an optimal customer journey and convenient shopping experiences. In combination with our Cash Recycler, your customers can also easily pay with cash. We adapt our software solutions to your requirements. They work on any standard hardware and are platform-independent. You get high-performance and easy-to-use applications with high flexibility and intuitive user interfaces.

  • Customized checkout solutions
  • Self-service system with connected cash management
  • Platform-independent software solutions
  • Single to multi-branch solutions
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