ANKER Retro cash register RK10

With our RK10 we combine tablet and printer holder with a complete POS system. In our retrofit variant, you can easily insert your existing hardware (printer, tablet or customer display) into the RK10. In combination with the cloud POS software of our subsidiary LocaFox, the RK10 becomes a full-fledged POS system. The RK10 is delivered assembled.

The optional hardware components are inserted almost without tools. Only two screws are used to hold the printer and display in place. The bezels are held in place by magnets, making them quick to remove and replace. The tablet holder has two sliders. With these, the frame can be removed without tools and the tablet can be inserted or removed. The tablet can be protected against theft with an optional screw lock.

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The RK10 In Detail

Customer view

  • Design bracket

    - Made of stainless steel or copper
  • Optional cutoutForcustomer display

    Currently for Epson DM-D30
  • Replaceable design panel
    With or without decorative element
    ‍-Fastened by magnets, thus easily replaceable
  • Decorative element

    In standard with lasered ANKER logo
    - Material made of wood, stainless steel or copper
    - Can be customized
White ABKER RK10
White ANKER RK10

Cashier's view

  • Tablet holder

    - For Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, A8, S7, Apple iPad Air 4 (other tablet variants already in development)
    - Tilting- Tablet can be replaced without tools
    - Optional screw lock
  • Gripper opening

    - For easy removal of the orifice plate
  • Replaceable design panel
    With or without decorative element
    ‍-Fastened by magnets, thus easily replaceable

Various design panels

The design panels are attached to the RK10 with magnets and can thus be removed or replaced quickly and easily. ANKER offers you the design panels in a wide variety of designs. You have the choice between wooden, grid or closed panels. The cut-out for a customer display is optional for all design panels.

The wooden panels are made of oak or walnut with a lasered ANKER logo as standard. These can also be provided with an individualized lettering or logo. Metal grille panels are made of either stainless steel or copper.

Our RK10 can be easily customized! The standard cash register colors are high gloss black and pearl white. You have the possibility to have your RK10 individually powder-coated in all RAL colors. Temporarily we will also produce limited units in special colors.

White ANKER RK10

Wooden screens

Black ANKER RK10

Grid screen copper


Grid diaphragm

ANKER RK10 kitchen

Material and processing

Only high-quality materials such as steel, copper, wood, etc. are used for the RK10. This makes the Retrohousing correspondingly robust and gives it a noble appearance. Our RK10 is available as an elegant stainless steel variant RK10S or as a stylish copper variant RK10K.

Both for the brackets and the screw elements, ANKER uses solid real metal. The RK10 is finished with a high-quality powder coating.

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