The new ANKER classic

With the SCCneo, ANKER presents a worthy successor with all the advantages of the Cash Cassette SCCplus and the functional plus points of the OCC. The proven Cash Cassette SCCplus is one of the most popular products from ANKER and has established itself in the POS world with its durability and high-quality workmanship. Visually, the standard Cash Cassette SCC is getting an upgrade. The striped design, which is a well-known recognition feature in addition to the practical interior layout, is underlined by the clear edges.


Experience from 35 years of SCC

Over the years, the ANKER SCC has been put to the test many times and continuously improved. In accordance with the "best practice principle", features of other cassette lines, such as the OCC, have also been incorporated. The ANKER Omni Option Cash Cassette OCC is characterized by a particularly practical opening. Instead of pushing, the release can now be pushed. This is now found in the SCCneo. The locking mechanism has been reworked in such a way that, for example, blockage by small parts can be virtually ruled out.

Improved hygiene

By eliminating the butt edges, the SCCneo now closes visually uniformly on each side. Another plus point is the "Easyclean" surface. This makes the cassette better and easier to clean. Dirt and grease have a much harder time settling in the material. The laterally covered base also improves hygiene at the checkout. The modified design of the cassette prevents the accumulation of dirt, such as crumbs or onion skins, which can easily slip through. In this way, more hygienic work is possible at the checkout station.


Proven partitioning and compatibility

The new standard Cash Cassette fits all SCC base plates already installed in the table. There is no change for you and your employees - the handy interior layout remains identical. The accessories from the predecessors are 100% compatible. This means that existing accessories, such as the coin cups, can continue to be used without any problems.

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